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Dr. Lee M Barker, DC


Initial intensive care

Initial intensive care is for pain or symptom management in addition to aggressive stabilization of major issues. We will order the necessary diagnostics and lab work, and also make sure you are referred to the proper doctor within our healthcare team.  

This type of chiropractic care is for improved function and spine changes.


We also provide treatment and rehab for all extremities such as shoulders, knees, and ankles/feet.


Dr. Barker will work hard to determine the underlying cause of your musculoskeletal problems so that she can assist you in achieving your maximum health.

This is for non-symptomatic or preventative care measures.

Dr. Barker truly cares for her patients; she will go above and beyond for you and your health!

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Bones, nerves, muscles, and tissue makes up 60% of your body. Chiropractors are experts in caring for these delicate and important parts of you. Read on to learn more about the different types of chiropractic care.

Achieve great health with chiropractic care

You can achieve great overall health by ensuring your bones, nerves, muscles, and tissues are functioning properly with help from Dr. Barker.


You’ll receive benefits from chiropractic care such as detecting, reducing, and correcting your joint/musculoskeletal problems as well as reducing nervous system dysfunction by restoring normal motion or position to your spinal bones.

Rehabilitative or corrective care

Wellness or elective care

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